Dentistry For Children North Las Vegas at North View Dental

Family Dentistry in Las Vegas

As a family dental practice in Las Vegas, we provide dentistry for children North Las Vegas with general dental care for both adults and children on some of the basic, yet critical procedures that modern dentistry can offer. As dentists, it is our specific duty to ensure your family enjoys their healthy teeth and are able to live a lifestyle that promotes excellent dental habits. It is suggested by the American Dental Association that everyone visit the dentist twice a year to check on their overall oral health and for a thorough professional cleaning. Typically, insurances will cover two routine visits to the dentist twice a year. However, if you are unsure of this then please call your insurance provider for more information.

What Happens During a Routine Dental Visit?

A dental examination - An examination includes both a visual exam performed by the dentist where they physically examine the mouth for any abnormalities and dental X-rays. These two procedures are necessary for optimal oral health. During this time, you may also have a one-on-one conversation on proper brushing or flossing technique, as well as any other oral health questions you may have.

A professional cleaning - Dental cleanings are often performed by our dental hygienist, who has been trained and certified to provide quality oral care to our patients. Generally, you may experience slight pain during this part of your routine dental visit, but for those who have trouble with this - we offer sedation dentistry options to help make your experience more comfortable and easier to deal with. Just ask us! Our number one priority is to make sure you are comfortable, because we understand that certain adults and children have fears they have developed with both dentists and doctors.

A professional polishing - After the hygienist has performed a thorough cleaning, your teeth will then be polished to help further remove any light stains and enhance your teeth so that you leave our office with a fresh, polished smile.

Have Any Questions about dentistry for children North Las Vegas? We'll Be Happy to Answer! - Our staff is here and ready to answer any questions you and our family may have about oral health, proper techniques, and the general dentistry services we provide. You can reach our staff @ 702-803-1810.